Tax Deductions for SME’s

Our mission : to educate the public on overlooked tax deductions to ensure they get their maximum small business tax deductions… Legally, Morally, and Ethically.

Would it be valuable knowing that your records would be BULLET-PROOF from the IRS? What would that peace of mind be worth in not having to worry about an IRS audit?

If you can substantially increase your rate of return on any property each year, including your home, what would that be worth?

If you own your own business (even a small home based business) or if you’re an Independent Contractor, Sandy’s program will help you save hundreds… even thousands of dollars each year especially as a result of the newest economic stimulus laws.

Here is an outline of what you will learn in the Small Business Tax Deductions Program:

  1. Learn how to apply home office deductions
  2. Learn how to apply entertainment deductions
  3. Learn how to apply travel deductions
  4. Learn how to apply automobile deductions
  5. Learn how to be be audit-proof

Don’t fall for this common tax myth:

My accountant takes care of my taxes” or “My spouse takes care of my taxes.”

This may be the single biggest myth and WEALTH KILLER in the US. It certainly makes the IRS more money than any other myth.

I equate this with “my doctor takes care of my body.” Wouldn’t it be great if we could eat all the fattening foods that we want and never exercise, yet, once a year go to a doctor and get a form of “Roto Rooter” job?

If you don’t know what to tell your accountant by December 31 or if your documentation isn’t right, there is very little that they can do for you.

Sadly, accountants also have a conflict of interest when preparing our returns. They are subject to both a high standard for taking a deduction and are subject to high civil penalties.

Thus, as many accountants have informed me, “they would rather not tell a client
about a deduction that may be questioned if it results in any risk to them.”